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Friday, December 28, 2007

Long Lost Sibling?

My ventures online found me once again at something so funny that I had to share. If you remember an earlier post on "The Lab Brats vs. Bubble Wrap", then you will truly understand this. It seems, my good readers, that the Lab Brats have a long lost black Lab sibling. Watch the following clip and see if you can figure out who we are talking about.

The proof is unmistakable. Well, either that or bubble wrap is the arch nemesis of Labrador Retrievers everywhere. Ok, so we don't really know this Lab and we are pretty sure that this black Lab pup is not related to the Lab Brats. But, it makes you wonder; is it a Lab thing or a bubble wrap thing? Maybe it is just one of those life questions that we may never find an answer... (laugh)

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