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Monday, December 31, 2007

Lab on the Mend

Dakota: Chocolate Lab Resting in Dog CrateIronic as it may be, Dakota and Cheyenne are quite different when it comes to their love of climate. For Dakota, it can never be warm enough. For Cheyenne, it can never be cold enough. It kind of reminds me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Even though Dakota would rather the warmth, she has no problem playing in the snow for short periods of time. Unfortunately, the playing in the snow recently has left Dakota's hip stiff and sore. So much so that we had to resort to giving her Metacam and crating her (and her sister to be fair) so that she would stay laying down and rest the hip.

For those that don't know, Dakota has a mild form of canine hip dysplasia and it usually will act up during the warmer and wetter months. However, it seems that the depth of the snow and the slippery ice underneath were far more than her hip could handle. Not to worry though - she doesn't need any surgery and some old fashion rest with heal her sore hip. It is just such a pain to have to confine her in order to get her to rest - or even worse, keep her from the recreation room stairs (her play room area is in the basement rec room).

If she were a kid, we can easily just tell her to stay in her bed and she may listen better. However, since we live on a busier street and she loves to bark at every passerby, we have no choice but to physically limit her activities.

Heck, it is only for a couple of days... but to a Labrador Retriever... that is a lifetime!



Anonymous Lamberts Mom said...

She looks so sad.... I hope she mends quickly. Lambert always gives me the sad puppy dog eyes when he is crated for reasons other than bed time.

Hope she gets well soon.

January 01, 2008 7:12 PM  
Anonymous Tim said...

Wow, I wish that Pepper Would get in a crate and be still like that. We bought one of those and she went crazy in it. It is out in the back yard full of pine needles. That was $80 wasted.

January 01, 2008 9:39 PM  

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