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Friday, December 21, 2007

What Dog Food?

Three Dog Chefs PaintingThousands of bags of dog food line the shelves and each one claims to be the best. So how does a dog owner know they are really getting the best dog food for the age and breed of their pup?

When we first brought home Dakota, we tried at least 4 different brands of dog food. We already knew to stay away from the supermarket brands because of their high content of fillers and animal by-products but the pet stores still had so many different brand names and types lining their shelves. My husband and I felt panic and confusion the first time we entered the store and now many dog owners are emailing me to help calm their confusion as well.

I cannot say that one specific brand of dog food is better then others but I can tell you what has worked for us. Now keep in mind that Dakota and Cheyenne have chicken allergies and both are large breed dogs. For this reason, we needed to find a food that would not contain chicken (or chicken by-products) and also provide extra nutrients for their large bones and potential health problems with the Labrador Retriever breed.

The best, by far, was Eagle Pack. Why? Well...

1. They had a money back guarantee.

2. They always have a $2 off coupon on their website.

3. The offered a Holistic Select® Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meal Formula that has no junkie fillers nor chicken by-products.

4. They use American-made ingredients.

5. They inspect all their ingredients coming into the factory and test every batch of dog food going out.

Throughout the dog food scares, we never once had a problem with our dog food. Due to the high quality of the ingredients and processing, Dakota and Cheyenne made it through the dog food scare without any health problems. On top of that, they love their dog food dry (don't need to mix it with anything) and their skin, teeth, coat, eyes, and bones are all in beautiful condition!

Again, this may not be the right dog food for your pup but it may help you with understanding what to look for in a better quality food. The main goal is not to buy cheap and try to get by but rather buy a good quality food, that improves the overall health and well-being of your dog, so that vet visits are less and that means less money and time you spend in the veterinarian's office. Now that is a win-win situation!

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