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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snow Brats

We woke this morning to over 6 inches of fresh snow on top of already packed ice/snow from last week. As my husband and I got prepared to head outside to shovel out our driveway, our Labs were getting more excited by the minute.

Cheyenne: Snow Faced Dog

It is one thing for us to get on our normal pants and shoes but when Dakota and Cheyenne see us get on snow pants and boots, they know what lay outside waiting for them. Snow and lots of it! It wasn't just any snow but rather the light fluffy stuff that remind one of walking through baking flour. Perfect for packing into snowballs and for dogs to run with their head buried in the snow, pretending they are snow plows.

Dakota: Snow Search for Lost Toy

So as my husband and I tried to clean up the yard from our nighttime winter snow storm, the Lab Brats ran as fast as they can from one point of the yard so that they could slide head first under the freshly lay snow. Any dog owner can't help but laugh as they watch two large chocolate Labs frolicking in the snow.

Cheyenne: Snow Search for Lost Toy

Of course, being the instigator that I am, I got out their bright orange bumper and threw it across the yard so that it buried itself deeply upon impact with the snow. Both dogs ran head first and dug as fast as they could to get it before the other could. I just hope none of their daddy's grass was sacrificed in the process. (laugh)

Happy snow days!



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