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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Say a Prayer for Cheyenne

The last couple of days have been a bit on the edge for us at the Lab Brats house. While washing my car yesterday, the dogs hung out in the warm summer sun and watched me closely. Everything was find until I was finishing up and Cheyenne stood up and just vomited out of no where. It was a yellow bile and no food was present - although a few blades of grass were found. I immediately let her know it was okay, washed up the patio, and led her and Dakota inside to get out of the sun. Sure, there were places in the shade for them to lay outside, but these two siblings just have to melt in the sun!

Cheyenne ate dinner and everything was fine. Around midnight, I heard Cheyenne licking her lips. This is Cheyenne's sign that she is going to throw up. We jumped to her aid at the side of the bed; just in time for her to vomit twice. Again, no food - just yellow bile. As I led her to the backyard, she threw up once more right outside the door. Then she calmed down and walked around the backyard a little with Dakota scared and avoiding making any contact with her sister. (She often thinks she is doing something bad when Cheyenne gets sick and hides)

We thought maybe the heat got to her - we went from 50's to upper 70's overnight and maybe she was like me and didn't do well with the quick changes in temperature. So, before she went to sleep, we opened the windows and I pulled out some frozen ground meat to make her boiled meat and rice for breakfast when we woke.

No other incident happened. My husband took her and Dakota for their early morning walk and she threw up again during the walk. Same stuff. Although I usually don't feed after such an incident, my husband told me that there was something long and slender - half digested - in the vomit. So, we thought she got rid of the culprit and fed her a couple of small meals in the morning.

Everything was great! The food went down like a charm and she had loads of energy again. So, it was off to our Sunday ritual of the dog park - but we swore to keep it easy on her. Nope! She threw up twice at the park. This time it was her entire breakfast. So, we immediately headed home! That is where we stand at this moment. Although, we now have the girls quiet in the house with the air conditioning on and we will try to feed Cheyenne some small amounts of the meat and rice mixture again around dinner; if she doesn't vomit again.

Last year she had a worse vomiting spell (see our blog dated August 21, 2005)and had to be operated on due to microscopic glass like pieces found in her intestines. This almost killed her and I would be lying if I were to say that I am not extremely worried about her with this all happening.

Please say a doggy prayer for our baby labbie, Cheyenne.



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