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Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Anniversary Lab Brats Mommy & Daddy!

Dakota & Cheyenne Laying in Sunspots
Dakota here!

Mommy is taking the day off from blogging today because her and daddy are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary today! Now, I don't really know what a "wedding anniversary" is but they said it is something dogs wouldn't quite get - something about love and the government. If you know our daddy, once you mention the government he can go on talking for hours and become not his normal happy self. (so please don't tell daddy we mentioned the government or it might mean less cookies for a couple of days)

Since mommy left the computer up and running, we thought we would pop on and update her dog loving readers. The only thing we didn't figure is how difficult it would be to type of a Mac keyboard. We are just so used to a PC that our nails keep hitting the wrong keys (please don't tell mommy our nails are too long or she will threaten to cut them again and we DON'T want that!).

Hmm - seems we are wasting precious sunspot time to write this... this is taking way too long... how does mommy do this?! I mean... sunspots are our life! Come on now! I... must... leave... I... just... can't...

Oh heck - I'm outta here! Wait for me Cheyenne!!



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