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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sore Lab Pup

Alas, my Cheyenne is worse today then she was on Tuesday. At first I felt it was my fault since we let her go to doggie daycare yesterday. However, my wonderful husband was supposed to tell the daycare that although Cheyenne looked fine, she needed to take it easy for the day. If you guessed that he forgot to tell them, you would be right.

When she returned home last night, she was at her worst. Still no crying or protecting her leg by keeping it up in the air, but she was hobbling worse. We gave her a couple of pieces of "special cheese" (aspirin wrapped in sliced cheese) last night but that doesn't seem to help. This morning I got down on the floor with her and pushed her paw down into my hand to see if it was truly her paw or some other part of her front right leg. After some pushing and moving of her leg, she turned her head to lick my hand when I started to rub her elbow. Usually this is a sign that someone is on the right track and I just pray, once again, that it is nothing serious.

[Video Clip of Cheyenne Limping]

I have finally had enough and will be calling the vet this morning when they open and have decided to take the day off in order to get her to see them and watch out for her. We haven't given her anything for the pain because I want her to walk the same way for the vet and have the same amount of pain so to assist him in figuring out what is wrong. Sure, I feel bad about this but since she can't talk, this is the only way to help figure out what is wrong. She is, after all, my Lab baby and I want her back to normal as soon as possible!

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